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Career Advisement at the Early Childhood Innovation Center will assist you in exploring your experiences, goals, interests and values to tailor an individualized advancement plan. 

An ECIC career advisor can help you make decisions as you plan your career path, and connect you with resources and support to ensure your success. Career advisement is focused on advancing career and professional development opportunities within your current and future workplaces. The personal barriers to entry and advancement for those who want to build a career working with young children are often layered and complex. Our approach to career advisement is holistic, focused on supporting the whole educator both at work and at home. 

The ECIC Career Advisement Framework: 


The first step to achieving your goals begins right here–reach out to us through the ECIC contact form!


We’ll work with you to gather key information on your goals, interests, values, communication style, and experiences. At this stage, our goal is to support you in the process of self-determination, and be upfront about what can be accomplished.


Every part of our comprehensive action plan is specifically designed to meet those unique personalities. Every individual will develop a holistic plan of action, and the team will talk through the steps needed to meet your goals.


After going over the individualized plan, implementation will start. There will be meetings and updates about the progress being made, and the team will communicate regularly to see what else can be done to support you.


We will work together with you to realize your goals and enact your plan. As we interconnect, all moments of your success will be celebrated.

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