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Creating Long-term Investments in Our Communities

The Early Childhood Innovation Center (ECIC) is a newly developed initiative aiming to redesign Delaware’s early childhood education support model. Our focus is on supporting educators holistically, improving access and removing barriers to advanced credentials such as the Child Development Associate® (CDA) certificate and post-secondary Associate or Bachelor degrees. 

The science of early childhood development is rapidly changing, and we know more now than we ever have about how a child’s early learning experiences drastically impact their long-term development. It feels intuitive that our youngest children have the greatest need for quality educational experiences. The ECIC offers direct support by providing technology, coaching, financial support, and access to flexible educational courses. The ECIC guides educators step by step as they strive for their CDA®, Associate Degree, and Bachelor’s Degree. 


The Early Childhood Innovation Center at Delaware State University unapologetically advocates for the success of early childhood education professionals. We strive to empower and cultivate a highly skilled, educated, and diverse workforce by providing holistic, comprehensive, and evidence-based direct support.


As a dynamic workforce center, the Early Childhood Innovation Center sets the standard of eliminating barriers for all early childhood education professionals, especially those historically impacted by inequalities.

The 5 C’s of ECIC


We see you; we hear you; we understand you. We are committed to YOUR SUCCESS.


We work together in creating change through building stronger and more successful connections with our workforce and community. We are committed to bringing diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives to all aspects of our work.


We place all people at the heart of what we do. We are committed to having a positive lasting impact on the ECE community.

Cultural Humility

We are committed to embracing diversity that reflects the workforce we serve throughout our teams and ECE professionals. We recognize your experiences, culture, and values to inform our policies and practices.


We believe authentic, and ongoing communication is the key to innovation and progress. We are committed to building and maintaining relationships in the Delaware early childhood workforce.

Who We Are

The ECIC team is composed of education administration experts with a passion to see early childhood educators succeed. Meet the team supporting Delaware’s early childhood educators: 

  • Dr. Kimberly Krzanowski

    Executive Director
  • Dr. Dannaé Sewell

    Early Childhood Initiatives Officer
  • Marcie Pate

    Operations Officer
  • Dr. Elizabeth Kelleher

    Higher Education Coordinator
  • Jasmine Passwaters

    Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Kariem E. Ross

    Communications and Marketing Coordinator
  • Charley Anderson

    Career Advisement Coordinator
  • Jennifer Marsh

    Operations Coordinator
  • Paula Bratcher-Newton

    Administrative Assistant
  • Jennifer Seo

    Scholarship Coordinator

Still Have Questions?

Reach out to us!

Our team is happy to answer any questions you might have and talk through your goals for your career in early childhood education.